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Adri Parisotto Fotografia | Fotógrafa de Família em São Paulo



herzlich willkommen auf meiner Website!


Ich heiße Adriana, aber du kannst mich gerne Adri nennen.


Da mein Deutsch noch im Lernprozess ist, werde ich mit dir vorerst auf Englisch (oder mit Hilfe einer Übersetzungs-App) kommunizieren, okay? Portugiesisch und Italienisch, die meine Muttersprachen sind, kann ich auch.


I was born in an Italian family in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where I grew up and also got married. During my life, I had a few experiences on living abroad, and recently I arrived in Regensburg, after spending three years in Canada, with my husband and our two – truly! – adorable teenagers. Our family is our most precious treasure!

Professionally, I’ve got my first degree in Visual Communication, back in my hometown. However, it was years later that my heart found in photography the best way for its visual expression.

Since I was little, my parents were often photographing my sisters and I… until I learned how to “click” them, our parties, the trips… and finally my own children. Motherhood triggered my need of documenting our moments, even the simplest and most ordinary ones, wondering that at any time in the future, the kids would be able to learn about those years that had faded away from their memories... Actually, from ours too.


At certain point, I noticed my images lacking of what I call the “wow effect”. So, in 2012, I decided to enroll in a short course to improve my skills. Naive of me! I underestimated this subject, its techniques and mostly its professionals. From one course, I jumped to another, one more, and more… From free practicing, paid jobs started to pop up… Until I realised I was totally hooked… And, in 2017, I ended up in a photography college program, in Canada.


Despite having fun with any kind of photography, my passion has always been on documenting families in a more truthful way, through a photojournalistic and lifestyle approach.


My experience on family photography led me to my newest addiction: births. What a blessing to witness such a miracle of God! What an honour to have parents’ trust on allowing me in the labour room to register one of the most intimate and precious moments of their lives!


I am thankful for the joy of working with what I love!


When I’m not working, I love exploring the surroundings (usually with my camera), trying new restaurants, visiting friends, making new ones… I couldn’t live with my mouth shut. I love chatting, sharing, learning… I just love being with people!

Adriana Parisotto.

Proud Member Canadian Birth Photographers
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